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ID Card Workshop is a professional and easy-to-use membership management and ID card software for businesses and organizations. With its included powerful multi-layer ID card designer, various templates and samples, ID Card Workshop enables you to create ID cards, employee badges, membership cards, loyalty cards, VIP cards or any other types of ID cards never been easier!

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Enhance security of ID card systems with UAC(User Account Control) and User Roles Management feature of ID Card Workshop

User roles management is a new feature of ID Card Workshop 3.7. It enables you to manage users authorization, which means it allows you to specify the resources and features that users in ID Card Workshop are allowed to access.

The current version of ID Card Workshop supports following resources and features to manage:
Data Access:
Preview Records
Add New Records
Edit Records
Delete Records
Print Records
Modify Columns
Execute Scripts

Software Features:
Create New Project
Records Manager
Card Designer
Card Issuing Center
Records Seeker
Project Manager
Script Editor

To use user roles management, you need to enable this  feature in "Settings" and then you will need to create an administrator user, administrator users have all privileges, including access "Settings", The "Settings" feature enables you to assign other users with specified permissions. The software require at least one user is administrator user.

After then, create limited users: You can assign users with limited permissions. And if you don't want specified users to change other user's profile, you just need to cancel the permissions of accessing "Settings" to that user.

Because the user roles management feature of ID Card Workshop is integrated with UAC , so that we are strongly suggest after you enabled the user roles management feature, you should use the software under a "Standard Account" of Windows. In this case, only users with permission of accessing "Settings" and at the same time are the administrator users of Windows system can modify the settings and user's profile.
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