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Latest Press Releases

ID Card Workshop 5.0 has been released, Added image filters and a new database setting feature

ID Card Workshop 4.6 has been released, Added PDF417 barcode support and improved enrollment feature, SQL database support and scripting feature

ID Card Workshop 4.1 has been released, Added multi-language support and data import and export feature,And alliance with Digital-ID Technologies(South Africa)

ID Card Workshop 4.0 has been released, added FlashAir wireless SD card support and improved performance

The version 3.9 of ID Card Workshop has been released, added kiosk mode and improved performance

ID Card Workshop 3.8 has been released, added support for signature pads and with other improvements

ID Card Workshop 3.7 has been released, added User Roles Management feature

ID Card Workshop 3.6.5 has been released, fixed bugs and launched its affiliate and reseller program

ID Card Workshop 3.6 has been released, added programming ability for this professional membership management and id card making software.

Create club membership cards with magnetic stripe technology and the new version of ID Card Workshop

ID Card Workshop Team announces ID Card Workshop 3.5, added digital cameras, scanners, Teslin 1-up papers supports and more.

Create in-house staff card making and employee management system with ID Card Workshop 3.5

Create In-House Membership System With ID Card Workshop

ID Card Workshop Team announces ID Card Workshop 3.3, added magnetic stripe encoding feature

Create QR Code and 1D Barcode Membership Cards, Staff Badges, Visiting Cards or Any Other Types of ID Cards with ID Card Workshop

ID Card Workshop Team announces ID Card Workshop 3.2, an affordable but powerful membership management and Membership cards, ID cards and ID badges making software

Low cost ID Card/ID badge solution

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