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Create a new blank project

If you would like to create a whole new blank project, select the "Create a new blank project" option and click OK button, and a "Create Database" window will show-up.

In here you can design the structure of the database.

Delete Selected Column: Deleted the column you selected.

Insert New Column: Insert a new column to the database which you ready to create.(To learn more about Columns and Rows(Records), please read more in the Records Manager chapter)

After you finished the designing, click Next button, a "New Project" window will show-up.

Size: There are various frequently-used sizes preset in ID Card Workshop, which can meet general design requirements. You can choose the preset size in the Size option.
Unit: to set the measurement unit
Background Color: to set the background color of the canvas.

ID Card Workshop has a simple design creator for creating new blank project, it will create project's design based on the selected columns(fields). if you would use this feature, select "Yes, I want the software to create a simple template for me", and select the Fields(Columns) and use"<" ">" button to control which of columns appear on the front side or reverse side.

Click Next button, a "Template Layout" window will appear. select the layout style you would like to use for the design creator.

If you do not want the software to create a simple design for you, click on "No, I want to create a blank template" and click next button, to  finish the creation.
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