ID Card Workshop User Manual

Professional membership management and ID card software for businesses and organizations.

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Elements Properties

Position: to adjust the position of a selected element. The values in the percentage boxes indicate the distance between the selected element and the borders defined by "Horizontal Align" and "Vertical Align" options.


Angle: to adjust the rotation angle value of a selected element


Opacity: to adjust the opacity value of a selected element

Angle: to adjust the angle value of the shadow effect.

Radius: to adjust the radius value of the shadow effect.

Distance: to adjust the distance value of the shadow effect.

Opacity: to adjust the opacity value of the shadow effect.

Tile: to fill the canvas with the selected element copies.

Offset X and Offset Y: to adjust the space between each copy.


This option will show up only when the selected element is text.

Font Name: to change the font name of the text

Font Size: to change the size of the text

Font Style: to specify a font style (Bold, Italic, Underline or Strikeout)

Color: to specify the color of the text

Text alignment: to choose the orientation of the text alignment

Text: to edit the text content. Click the text box, then the edit window will show up



Canvas Properties

*Hints: Click the blank area of the canvas and the properties options will show up.

Change the canvas size: to change the width and height of the canvas .

Background Color - Select Color: to choose the background color of the canvas

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