ID Card Workshop User Manual

Professional membership management and ID card software for businesses and organizations.

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Create a new project
Card Designer
Card Issuing Center And Record Seeker
Script Engine
Records Manager
Project Manager


ID Card Workshop is an all-in-one membership management and id card maker software for businesses and organizations. it built in many features to enable you to manage all the member data, create/modify the cards design, issue cards and manage projects.

The main window of ID Card Workshop is actually a navigation window, it listed all the major features of the software.

Create New Project: Create a new project, ID Card Workshop supports three method to create a new project: create a new project from a template, create a new blank project and create a new project from existing data source.

Records Manager: this feature enables you to manage the records of selected project, after you clicked this button, a "select project" window will show up, select a project and you can modify records(rows), columns with this feature.

Card Designer:  An advanced id card designer, supports multi-layers features. it enables users to design their own card freely, you can add variable images, texts, QR code, code 39, vector shapes, logos into design and arrange them as you like.

Card Issuing Center: Card Issuing Center is a all-in-one data management feature. it enables you to add new data, issue cards and manage all your member data.

Records Seeker: This feature helps you to find the specified records you wanted based on your input.

Project Manager: this feature will enable you manage all the project in the project library.
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